Going for Giacometti






Since I haven’t made a similar post for quite a long time, let me present you one of my past creations. I must admit the fact that this sculpture could be rather named as an ability exercise, as the whole concept of it does not belong to me.

The one who did this amazing sorcery is Alberto Giacometti, a modern sculptor and painter which I truly venerate. What I like the most are his ways of representing the human body. His sculptures have a rough texture, yet the shapes created are so delicate and fragile.

Therefore, I decided to do his work on my own, a while ago. The result was slightly not the one that I expected, but, currently, I’m quite pleased with the way it looks. Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!

So, check these pictures and also the inspiring works of this italian mindblower!


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One response to “Going for Giacometti

  1. Marius Gosa

    Bezüglich deiner Aussage „The result was slightly not the one that I expected”, habe ich folgende Bemerkung: manchmal ist DER WEG das Ziel!
    Also, mach nur so weiter … irgendeinmal wirst du selbst zufrieden sein. Schätze auch Giacometti hat mehr „nicht gelungene Versuche” hinter sich als unsereiner sich vorstellen kann…
    Glückwunsch und viel Spaß weiterhin!!!

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